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Suzuki Promaster MR-350 Harmonica - select key

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Suzuki Promaster MR-350 Harmonica - select key
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    Suzuki Promaster MR-350. The Best Harp You've Every Played! This harmonica produces rich tones and clarity, so sought after by professional players.

    The harmonica has been constructed with (replaceable) machined Phosphor Bronze reed plates and computer-aided laser cut, tuned and bendable reed system and satin anodized, milled, billet aluminum alloy comb, that holds it all together.

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    All of this contribute to the Promasters uniqueness, which also can be seen in the ergonomic design. The polished stainless steel reed covers provide maximum playing comfort, while the inner components produce the clarity and rich tones, so sought after by professional players.

    Yang Le:
    "The Promaster MR-350 allows you to play easily and freely, also fits any kind of music. You can play harmony easily and even Jazz that needs a variety of sounds. I really love the Promaster. Pleaso do try this harmonica, and you will realize how much fun it is."

    David Herzhaft:
    "I play with HA-20 and MR-350 a lot. Both are very solidly built. Though I play my harmonicas several hours a day at home, in the studio and on stage I usually keep the same harmonica for months!"